Featuring BLASTO-DRY – a new way to dry your car!

Our state of the art car wash has everything you need to do it right by doing it yourself!

Tire Cleaner – low pressure foam that sticks to your rims & cleans

Pre-Soak – low pressure foam that loosens road film & dirt on your car

Foaming Brushes – best bubbles in town

High Pressure (1200 PSI) Soap – to knock off all that dirt

High Pressure (1200 PSI) Rinse

Triple Foam Conditioner – 3 colors of great smelling, foamy fun!

High Pressure (1200 PSI) Clear Coat Protectant – to make your car shine

Ultra Sheen – A low pressure silicone based protectant you can use on your whole car including windows to add a hi-gloss shine and repel water.

Spot Free Rinse – A final rinse to insure your car drys spot free without wiping it dry

BLASTO-DRY – blow dry your car with our air dryers. It’s fun and fast!

We can also accommodate large trucks, vans and motor homes

High power vacuums 

Our vending machines have a wide range of car wash detail products.