The four Buggy Bath Car Wash locations in San Diego can be found in South Bay, Linda Vista, Serra Mesa (Day N Nite Car Wash) and City Heights. Our car washes can accommodate vehicles ranging from cars and motorcycles to large trucks, vans, motor homes and boats.

Our state of the art car wash has everything you need to do it right by doing it yourself! Buggy Bath Car Washes provide the ultimate experience in DIY car washing, with self-serve bays that offer a wide range of options. Our Day N Nite Car Wash in Serra Mesa also features an automatic touch-free express wash. Self-serve bay features include:

High Pressure (1200 PSI) Soap – to knock off all that dirt

High Pressure (1200 PSI) Rinse

Tire Cleaner – low pressure foam that sticks to your rims & cleans

Pre-Soak – low pressure foam that loosens road film & dirt on your car

Foaming Brushes – best bubbles in town

Triple Foam Conditioner – 3 colors of great smelling, foamy fun!

High Pressure (1200 PSI) Clear Coat Protectant – to make your car shine

Ultra Sheen – A low pressure silicone-based protectant you can use on your whole car including windows to add a high-gloss shine and repel water.

Spot Free Rinse – A final rinse to ensure your car dries spot free without wiping it dry.

BLASTO-DRY – blow-dry your car with our air dryers that blast the water drops away. It’s fun and fast!

High power vacuums – vacuums with turbo & fragrance options

Vending machines – offering a wide range of car wash detail products.